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 Hello All!

Zalubska Studio is an interior design studio which I happily run.

    Synergy is the key to success. Working together with amazing specialists we create unique, deliberate and timeless designs of various interiors.

We mark our expertise through combining one time, and contrasting the other time. Many years of experience oblige us to face up to even most

sophisticated tastes and requirements of our clients. 

    We feel comfortable creating solutions ranging from minimalist to baroque abundance, from Scandinavian moderation to Asian wealth of colours,
from classic style to unabashed fusion. Following the newest world trends, we display great attention to detail which greatly contributes to the final effect.
    We implemented many innovative services like Home Staging - property for sale improvement, or Project Corrector - the only Polish application of remote
design management.

In our designs we place much emphasis on decorations. Our active interest in art makes it easy to acquire pieces of art and antiques for our clients. 

Also, our cooperation with artists and craftsmen facilitates the process of obtaining their unique objects.

Take the most of us!